Cloud: Technology for the future. Say no to hybrids.

Say no to cloud hybridsThe wheat must be sorted from the chaff. Office 365 is a cutdown version of good old office. For example: the mail merge feature is not supported in Word Web App. And this is only the beginning. 

Google Apps is your choice for the future and will save your time later switching from 365 to Google Apps:

  1. It is like Xero vs MYOB. Pure Cloud vs Cloud Hybrids. Microsoft has been building on-premise products for the enterprise for over 20 years and has huge legacy that will prevent it from embracing cloud.
  2. With Office 365, “Microsoft has chosen to mess with some of its crown jewels.” And currently cannibalising sales of existing products. Office 365 is not what you think it is.
  3. We are experiencing generational shift. As younger generations enter the workforce employers will find it increasingly burdensome to support Microsoft Exchange and Outlook – from a cost, accessibility and training standpoint. Google Apps products are available for free for personal use with Gmail, Google Docs and etc. Many of current youngest employees have quite literally grown up using Google products and still have never used Microsoft Exchange or Outlook.
  4. With 365 there is no simple way to switch between subscriptions should you expand or downsize your business, very poor scalability and complex pricing. Google Apps and SaaS products that can be integrated with GA come with simple pricing and scalability.
  5. Google Apps is already winning across all business segments: Showdown Google Apps vs Microsoft Office 365 

By Nick Dorogavtsev

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