Kirsten Blake

Director Integrated Financial Solutions

Xero Expert Trainer and Addon Integration Specialist

Kirsten has a proven history in business management and administration with experience across Corporate, SME and non-profit sectors. She has successfully managed teams to achieve excellent results. Kirsten's background in management, administration and organisation is extensive and includes;

  • Scientific research and publications
  • Events management
  • Project management for software development
  • General management for spoting facilities company
  • Operations and financial management for semi professional rugby club

Over the past eleven years Kirsten has played important operations and financial management roles in a variety of industries including; food and beverage, childcare, software development, sports services industries, and the not-for-profit sector. Her advanced skills in accounting software (front and back end), coupled with an in-depth understanding of bookkeeping and business management processes set her apart. Kirsten is adept at finding process inefficiencies and working out streamlined solutions to challenging problems. Her particular areas of speciality include accounting software, retail POS and inventory. Kirsten is a certified bookkeeper and registered with the Tax Professionals Board.

Underpinning Kirsten's comprehensive experience are extensive qualifications including; Bachelor of Science, Japanese (Lang), Adv. Diploma in Clinical Biochemistry Honours 1, Certificate IV in Business (Small Business Management), Certificate IV Bookkeeping and Accounting, Associate Diploma from the Australian Institute Company Directors.

Nick Dorogavtsev

Data Engineer & Accountant

I am a cash flow consultant; specialising in combining financial data with your marketing, sales, production data.

My company aVers Cloud Solutions exists to make business data visible and understandable to business owners so that you can take your business from strength to strength and live a harmonious lifestyle that is ideal for you as a human being.

Finances and Data Engineering is a deadly mix. You do not need an accounting specialist on retainer to run successful cash flow. You need a system that makes you the cash flow king (or queen).

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