Respirators - Supplemental Ventilation Support (Including CPAP and BPAP)

Legacy support item
Support Category

05: Assistive Technology

Sequence Number


Registration Group

0103: Assistive Products for Personal Care and Safety

Outcome domain

1: Daily Living

Support Purpose

1: Core

Where a support item does not have a price limit then the provider and participant should agree on the reasonable price for the support. If necessary, they should also agree on the billing schedule for the support. In the NDIS Support Catalogue marked under empty type.

Line Item Description

Devices for providing artificial ventilation through the nose, the mouth or an artificial hole in the air pipe (tracheostomy) for a person who has difficulties with breathing. Included are, e.g., Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure (BPAP).

Line Item Parameters

  • Non-Face-To-Face

    Some activities can be delivered without the participant percent

  • Provider Travel

    Some providers can charge participants for the time it takes them to travel and deliver support

  • Quote Required
  • Short notice cancellations
  • NDIA requested reports
  • Irregular SIL reports