Activity Based Transport - Development of Daily Living and Life Skills - Relationships

Support Category

11: CB Relationships

Sequence Number


Registration Group

0117: Development of Daily Living and Life Skills

Outcome domain

7: Relationships

Support Purpose

3: Capacity Building

‘Notional Unit Price’ Support Line Item is a type of line items under NDIS Pricing Arrangements. Supports are not subject to a price limit and $1.00 is not the maximum price to be charged for a unit, it is how a claim is made to the NDIA.Each of the Notional Unit Prices might have their own pricing limits.

Line Item Description

A provider can transport one or more participants to and/or from a community based support as part of that support.

Line Item Parameters

  • Non-Face-To-Face

    Some activities can be delivered without the participant percent

  • Provider Travel

    Some providers can charge participants for the time it takes them to travel and deliver support

  • Quote Required
  • Short notice cancellations
  • NDIA requested reports
  • Irregular SIL reports