Provider travel - non-labour costs - Early Intervention Supports for Early Childhood

Support Category

15: CB Daily Activity

Sequence Number


Registration Group

0118: Early Intervention Supports for Early Childhood

Outcome domain

1: Daily Living

Support Purpose

3: Capacity Building

‘Notional Unit Price’ Support Line Item is a type of line items under NDIS Pricing Arrangements. Supports are not subject to a price limit and $1.00 is not the maximum price to be charged for a unit, it is how a claim is made to the NDIA.Each of the Notional Unit Prices might have their own pricing limits.

Line Item Description

Provider travel for Early Intervention Supports for Early Childhood. To cover for costs, in addition to the cost of a worker's labour time, when traceling to and from a participant (Provider Travel) and travaling with a participant (Face-To-Face).

For a vehicle owned by the provider or the worker, up to $0.97 a kilometre.

The time spent travelling to each participant (for each eligible worker) is 30 minutes maximum in MMM1-3 areas and 60 minutes maximum in MMM4-5 areas.

Line Item Parameters

  • Non-Face-To-Face

    Some activities can be delivered without the participant percent

  • Provider Travel

    Some providers can charge participants for the time it takes them to travel and deliver support

  • Quote Required
  • Short notice cancellations
  • NDIA requested reports
  • Irregular SIL reports